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Plethora is the result of the combined backgrounds and shared vision of its directors, corporate lawyer Etienne Calleja and management consultant Michael Debono. When they set up Plethora, Etienne and Michael had a very definite idea of what this legal, advisory and business management consultancy firm would be about.

They both recognised, from personal experience, that no two clients who approached them for advice ever had the same background, operated in identical circumstances or required uniform solutions. As was their nature, any service they would provide had to be dynamic, flexible, hands-on and above all, tailor-made.  

If it had to retain the core values of its directors, Plethora had to be, and remain, a boutique agency. It also meant that each team member at this Malta-based firm would need to have a strong, multi-disciplinary background, and an extensive portfolio of local and international expertise in legal, advisory and business management consultancy issues.

These considerations define what Plethora is today. By working closely with you across a broad spectrum of services, we ensure that the challenges you face, irrespective of location, jurisdiction or international borders, are handled effectively and efficiently. Our commitment to accessibility and continuity also means that you will always deal with the same executive at Plethora.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate client, the personalised legal, advisory and business management consultancy services we provide are underlined by our determination to assist and support you in reaching your financial and business objectives, and ultimately, towards achieving a better quality of life.

Meet the Team

Etienne Calleja

Corporate Lawyer

Etienne’s eclectic background, with experiences in the health sector as well as law enforcement, provided the ideal launching pad for a successful legal career.

Etienne got his lawyer’s warrant while still in the Police Force. , In the year 2000, he set up Calleja & Associates, a law firm specialising in Civil and Commercial law. As the firm started making headway in the corporate field, Etienne widened the scope of its service offer to encompass the fields of accountancy, business and tax consultancy, administrative and regulatory, contract drafting and publication, advocacy, personal separation and annulment. These were all geared to providing consultancy, litigation, mediation, and arbitration and management services to individuals, as well as to domestic and international businesses.

Etienne links Plethora’s success to the dynamic, hands-on style prevalent at the firm: “the boutique consultancy nature of Plethora is a conscious attempt to retain the personalised and bespoke approach to our offer.

The long-term relationships we create with clients and associates worldwide do not only reflect good business sense; these relationships also add real value to the level of quality of the services offered”.

Michael Debono

Business Management Consultant

Michael is an experienced management consultant and accountant with a track record spanning more than twenty years in the fields of human resources, management consulting, finance and European Funding. Following an important stint within the Consultancy Division of KPMG, Michael spent his formative years in the private sector where he covered a range of administrative roles, including finance and HR. Meanwhile, he was also involved in the setting up of a global mobile commerce incubator in Malta. This project was successful  in raising funding amounting to US$36 million from five blue-chip financial institutions and venture capitalists – a global record at the time. Nowadays, Michael is also involved in running the management consultancy company D-Consulta, which advises and assists in any matter relating to EU funding, financial management and business growth services, as well as People Solutions Ltd, a temporary-work agency dedicated to providing businesses with the right personnel  on a case-by-case basis.

He believes that Plethora’s strength lies in the “team members’ strategic acumen that enables an understanding of the fundamentals of the sectors we operate in, a keen international perspective, and a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals”.

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