Plethora specialises in the provision of business and marketing solutions to companies, regardless of their size or operational sector. We want to help you and your business reach its full potential by managing tasks and activities on your behalf. Every project we are commissioned to work on starts with a blank sheet of paper. We are determined to find a solution for you rather than trying to fit someone else’s solution around your issue. This implies that the service we provide will be customised to your business requirements. This will ensure that any solutions we propose will not only be in line with your expectations but will exceed them. Moreover, our solutions would also be scalable and flexible enough to be adaptable to a growing business.

We are available to discuss business and marketing solutions to challenges which your company might b encountering. We can provide you with strategic business intelligence consultancy which can guide you towards making the right decisions. We are also ready to get down to brass tacks and source and identify investment opportunities on your behalf.

If you’ve got a project in mind and you’re stuck on the way forward for funding, our service encompasses the entire project cycle. With the assistance of our strategic partner, D-Consulta, we will help you develop your idea into a project that is not only coherent and sustainable but is also eligible to tap available funding opportunities, from both local and European Union sources. We will explore the different funding programmes available to identify which one works best for you. We will make sure that your project meets local and/or European objectives, assist you in building strong European or other partnerships for collaborative work, and support you throughout the application process. We will also handle all post-award obligations, including budgeting, project management and coordination, dissemination activities and related publicity, as well as financial management and reporting.