At Plethora, we can provide you with a range of services aimed at combining or consolidating support activities you require for your firm. The provision of these services is based on the application of specialist knowledge, best practices and technology, and designed to serve both internal as well as external customers, and business partners.

We specialise in managing the processes for the formation of legal entities. The gamut of services we provide in this regard includes company setup, re-domiciliation or continuation of companies, and incorporation for various forms of legal entities as well as their dissolution, liquidation and winding up; the creation, registration and administration of purpose and private foundations; the setting up of branches of companies either in Malta or in other countries; re-domiciliation and passporting services, as well as the formation of companies in other jurisdictions. Financial businesses that are established in one EU jurisdiction can, by means of a process known as 'passporting', provide their services in other European jurisdictions without being subject to additional regulatory burdens. We can assist you with the process by which you can use Malta as a platform from which to enter the European market.

Our range of corporate services also extends to company secretarial support, directorship services, registered office services, as well as the opening of bank accounts, including customer due diligence (CDD), assistance in identifying the right bank and type of account suitable to the clients specific requirements.".