There are many reasons why one would consider taking up residency in a new country and eventually obtain a second citizenship. Such a move would mean taking some important decisions, all of which come with their implications and consequences.

Malta is a very attractive tax jurisdiction for foreigners taking up residence in Malta,. This is because an individual who is resident and domiciled in Malta is liable to income tax on worldwide income, whereas a resident of Malta who is not domiciled in Malta will be taxed solely on income and certain capital gains arising in Malta, or income remitted to Malta, and not on a world-wide basis.

Malta offers a host of residency options for EU nationals and third country citizens. These include theordinary residency permit, the High Net Worth Individual Scheme, the Permanent Residency Scheme, as well as the Highly Qualified Persons Scheme. Specific schemes are also applicable to Game Directors and Game Designers. The jurisdiction also offers a Pension Scheme for Foreign Retirees.

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Our range of personalized advisory services also covers advice on the applicability and the handling of the process of applications for any of the schemes referred to above. Moreover, we can assist in advising you with regard to, and eventually handling your application for, Maltese citizenship or a licence to work in Malta. Our executives are also on hand to provide advice on health insurance coverage.